The Show

RHODA, Suburb's chain-smoking Über- realtor, a pereptual divorcée hell-bent on selling Alison and Stuart their dream house: 

And TOM, a widower and avid do-it-yourselfer who in the face of retirement has reluctantly put his home of 40 years up for sale:

Listen to Rhoda

They call me loud,
My clients say I'm rude
And crude and vain.
That I'm blunt and aggressive,
And my sales pitch is excessive;
That I'm manic, messianic, and insane.

Listen to Tom

Do It Yourself.
I Do-It-Yourself.
A creak in the table,
A crack in the caulking,
A deck that’s unstable
A dog that needs walking
Won’t do it itself.


The interweaving stories of these four people form the road map of Suburb.

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